Two Map-Related Fun Projects

"Math Adventure Island"

The map is a project that adds excitement to math class while tracking the progress made. My 6th grade General Math students really enjoy this project (see the slideshow below).

The Math Treasure Island map contains features such as: Fraction Reef, Pi Hill, Lake Percent, etc. The game and the map create continuity, a general theme and sense of adventure. They tie all the topics together and are helpful for review.

When the treasure map is completed, it will resemble an ancient document and is suitable for framing. It is something the students can keep as a remembrance.

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This is complete with all the information teachers need to create their own math adventure. Students will practice using a compass, straight-edge, and protractor; measuring in inches and metric; using proportional scale; and finding places on the map using the coordinate plane. All the features on the map have math names such as Percent Cliffs, Ratio Valley, and Exponent Swamp. The final challenge is to use the map to discover the buried treasure! The map project is a creative activity to help make learning math fun. Complete with all the teaching hand-outs, supply list, and instructions for fitting the project into the present schedule. Highly recommended for middle school.

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The Math Adventure Game
"Quest for the Golden Calculator"

“The Quest for the Golden Calculator” is an interactive game that’s designed to make math class fun. The fictional story and cast of characters provide the teacher with a host of opportunities to help students become successful in math, develop good work habits, set goals, maintain a positive attitude, persevere through difficulties, and avoid typical problem areas such as: being disorganized and wasting time. It teaches students the value in avoiding bad influences, distractions, boredom, taking shortcuts, and making excuses.

This unique adventure game features a large classroom map where students keep track of their progress. The game enables the teacher to incorporate motivational material into virtually any math curriculum. The fictional story includes 25 episodes which help students understand how to avoid such hazards as the Lazy Old Goof-off Snake, Distraction Lake, Bad Influence Quick Sand, Getting Bored Swamp, and the Negative Attitude Shark. This game was especially designed for middle school students who have previously experienced difficulty in math, lack motivation, and/or have low self-esteem. It can be used as a supplement to the curriculum for a quarter year, half year, or year.

Join Tia and Seb, together with the complete cast of characters, as they collect Quest points, discover valuable jewels, decode secret messages, solve mazes, avoid Meboh Phat (the villain), and make their way successfully to the village of Wonderhean where they will find the Golden Calculator. This highly-interactive and fun game can be coordinated with almost any math curriculum.


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The game as it was played in my classroom, 2005-2006

Now there's a free, online version!

There are magical math puzzles, mazes, secret codes, hidden messages, and word search challenges.
You could be the winner!
Play "Quest for the Golden Calculator" online!

My wonderful students working intently on their maps


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