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Note: The mysteries are sent out on the first of each month and generally involve problem solving using algebra and/or geometry. There is a one month time limit to solving each mystery and winning the prize. Previous mysteries are archived and may be solved, in which case you may check to see if your solution is correct, but no prize is awarded.

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  1. Math Mysteries Message
    Sent May 17th 2016

    Dear Math Mystery Maven, It has been a while since Math Mysteries has been active -- at a time when the number of subscribers was less than ten, I suspended the mailings. However, the number of subscribers has actually been growing since then, and I'm ex...

  2. Math Mysteries Special Announcement
    Sent October 11th 2014

    Dear Highly Valued Subscriber, I'm sending this message to announce that until further notice, the Math Mysteries will be suspended. There are presently too few subscribers. Right now there are only 3. I hope this will be a temporary situation. When th...

  3. Math Mystery 721
    Sent September 1st 2014

    Math Mystery 721 *This is the second monthly Math Mystery (Mystery ID Number 721) ***Solve this mystery and win a prize. *Impure Gold...

  4. Math Mystery 8401
    Sent August 1st 2014

    Math Mystery 8401 *This is the first monthly Math Mystery (Mystery ID Number 8401) ***Solve this mystery and win a prize. *Highway Robbery* A small branch bank located in a turnpike rest stop was robbed. Once the state police arrived on the scene, they...


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